10 Dirty Jobs that will make you Rich in Kenya

Despite the high unemployment rate in Kenya, Africa, and the World, many “educated” people cannot imagine making long queues to apply for some jobs. These jobs are considered dirty, unhealthy and not worth it. To the few people who have embraced the fact that these jobs need to be done, to them unemployment is just another word. Others may see them as lesser humans but in reality, they earn way more than most people who wake up early every day to white color jobs that they hate.

Whether it’s cleaning sewages, entertaining adults or attending to the dead, many people will be more than willing to pay you to do what they say, “You cannot pay me to do that”.

Here we look at the jobs which if you are not the “choosy” type, will earn you a living when everyone else is riding in debts.

List of Dirty Jobs that will make you rich in Kenya

The following is a list of high paying dirty jobs in Kenya that no one wants to do and has manpower shortages across the country.

Garbage Collector

Every day, each household in Kenya throw garbage and there is nothing as disgusting as rotten waste. What most people do is toss the garbage in the cans hoping someone will come pick it as soon as possible. While not so many people would do it, garbage collectors view it as a daily job to collect and dispose of this waste. You will see these wonderful people loading trucks with immense passion!

This job does not require academic qualifications. All is needed is will and tolerance. A typical apartment building consists of about 20 individual households. If you charge Kshs 200 for each household per month and be able to sign in about 40 apartments, that’s Kshs 160,000 per month for a start. Minus the expenses and you will earn over Kshs 100,000 per month which is far better than sitting at home.

Sewage Cleaners

When a sewage line or a septic tank blocks, not so many people will be willing to do the dirty job. If you offered to do the job for a high pay, these people will be ready to pay you.

Applying for such a job in the city council can almost be considered a sure bet. There are not many people who will be lining up to have their CV’s reviewed!

Junk Removers

This is one of the best dirty jobs in Kenya. How many offices do you know that has piles of junk? This could be woods, papers, cartons, files, and furniture. In most places like Nairobi, garbage collectors don’t collect junk, making this a great opportunity.

Other than, being paid to remove the junk, you can get quite good items in the junk which you can sell as second-hand goods on Olx Kenya or PigiaMe.

Pest Control Removal Specialist

Nowadays, you will get stickers in Matatus and buses with the caption, “Fumigations services in Kenya”, with pictures of all sorts of pests and ticks.

The same applies to vendors who sell pest controls in big markets. Walking along the streets you will hear them shouting, “Ua Panya ua mende, Dawa ya mende, Dawa ya kunguni” which translates to control medicine for pests.

Truth be told, there are many households with these pests only that not many people will admit in public.

This kind of job is very lucrative; all you need is a good advertising and marketing. Ensure you clearly display your contacts and loads of people will be calling you.

Mama Nguo

Many people are either so busy or too lazy to wash their clothes, utensils, and houses. This is where “Mama Wa Nguo” comes in. They will do the laundry and cleaning for you for a fee. This job is not only for women as the name “mama” suggests. Everyone who is willing can do it. If you can secure three households per day, you can earn well over Kshs 2000.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

This is another job that not many people will be fighting for. It can be dirty and intolerable to a lot of people but those willing to do it can earn well.

Portable toilet cleaners normally handle human excrement as their daily hustle. Since these toilets do not have any automated way of eliminating the human wastes, the only method used to clean such facilities is only by manually rubbing them clean.

It is a dirty job but since not many people will do it, one can earn quite a good pay.


How many times do you tip a janitor in a nightclub? How much do you tip? Being a janitor is considered not cool and people who do it are considered uneducated. However, this is another high paying dirty job in Kenya.

If you work in a good environment, you can get paid well as many people are not willing to do the job. The best way though is to start your own company and create jobs.

Bar Attendant

Hate them or like them, a majority of bartenders get paid more than most people in the corporate world. Most of the pay comes from patrons who don’t mind giving a tip after every order. They are bartenders in Kenya who take home over Kshs 8,000 per day on tips only especially over the weekend.


Plumbing may not very much qualify as a dirty job but in cases where your toilet blocks, you will need someone to do the dirty job. How much they charge is not necessary in most cases as long as the job gets done.

Mortician or Embalmer

This is probably the dirtiest and dangerous jobs one can have in Kenya. As a mortician or Embalmer, you are tasked with taking care of the body in the morgue or prepare it for burial. The job imposes one on diseases and other physiological issues.

A very small percentage of people will apply for this job. Most likely, one does not necessarily have to apply for this job, and if you do, chances of getting in are close to 100%.

List of other high paying dirty and dangerous jobs

  • Crab fishing
  • Adult entertainer
  • Pipe inspector
  • Baby and elderly people seater
  • Debt collector and auctioneer
  • Car Wash and Carpet Cleaning


Are you out there jobless and wondering what you can o to make a living? Maybe it’s time you tried one of the above high paying jobs in Kenya.

For those not willing to do such jobs, always respect the ones who do!

All the best!