10 Steps to earning a fortune while relaxing at the beach in Kenya

Have you heard about a new hero called the Digital Nomad?

Are you tired of waking up early every single day to go work in a job you don’t like?

How about making a fortune doing things that interest you?

Are you feeling that it is time you broke out of the 8-5 trap and become your own boss?

If this is you, read on.

Art of Becoming a Digital Nomad (Location Independent)

Digital Nomadism is growing fast and every year there are many people either quitting their 8-to-5 jobs or changing their business models to become location independent.

A typical Digital nomad will be working from a laptop somewhere on a beach, in a coffee shop, in an Airbnb or in a five-star hotel.

While this trend is growing at a high rate in Kenya, it is good to know what to expect before venturing into the lifestyle.

Money is one of the key factors to living well as a nomad and the sooner you figure out how to make some, the better.

With the internet, there are many ways to make money on the road whether online or offline. Which method you decide on is entirely dependent on you- your passion or skillset.

In this post, we will share with you ten practical steps on how to become a full-time, financial independent Digital Nomad and live anywhere you wish in Kenya.

10 simple steps to becoming a successful Digital Nomad in Kenya

#1 Have a reason (Why do you want to become a Digital Nomad?)

The first step to becoming a Digital Nomad is to search deep within you the reason as to why? Without a strong reason, chances of never making it past a few weeks are very high.

It could be because you are tired of the 8-to-5 job and want to explore your best self, freedom, or maybe it is because of your wanderlust nature. Whatever your reason is, dig deep because it is not all roses.

#2 Decide on a niche: Figure out how to make money

Once you know why Digital Nomadism is what you want, the next step is to figure out what type of nomad you want to be and how you will make money to sustain your lifestyle.

There are many ways to make money, especially on the internet. All you have to do is pick one based on your passion, skillset or both. Choosing something you love and understand is the best way to go about it. “You will never work a day in your life”.

Some of the available online jobs you can do include travel blogging, web & logo design, consultancy among others.  As Mark Mason says, “choose your favorite flavor of shit Sandwich”

The nomadic lifestyle is not very expensive and with one or more income streams you will be able to have a happy minimalist life.

#3 Gain experience in your chosen niche

After you have picked a niche and before getting all pumped up, you need to gain experience. Whether it is web design, blogging, content creation, digital marketing or Vlogging, you need to learn as much as possible.

Get to know what your potential customers are looking for, where to find them and how to give them value.

There are many online resources (podcasts, videos, training materials, and programs) that can help you in a very short period. You don’t have to take yet another school-based course to become a digital expert.

“After deciding that content creation was what I was going to do, I went online and taught myself as much as possible about SEO, Analytics and how to set up a blog with WordPress. I, later on, started creating the blog content immediately. My goal was to focus on personal finance.” – Josh (A Kenyan Digital Nomad)

#4 Become an authority in your digital niche

There is nothing as bad as being average in this World. It is even worse when you are a newbie freelancer. If you are not giving your best, you will always be in competition with others.

Be good at what you choose to do. Put in the work, time and energy to become the best. That is the only way you will get noticed.

If you are running a blog, some of the easiest ways to becoming an authority are by providing useful and high-value content for free, guest blogging and contributing to related forums.

#5 Land your first customer

This is the hardest but most rewarding step. Having someone to pay you the first dollar as a newbie is not easy. Getting that one client gives you a lot of confidence boost and motivation. By being the best, you will get your first paying client and the feeling will be great no matter the amount of pay.

#6 Get more customers

Once you get your first client, offer them the best product or service that you can. Create value for their business or whatever service they need from you. This will build trust and very soon they will either come back or refer other people to you.

Work hard to get more clients and always remember to offer them quality services.

#7 Add more pricing options

If you are selling a service, it is advisable that you have a number of pricing options for different customers. For example, if you’ve been charging $500 for creating a blog, you can have other options with added value and price them at $399, $799 or $999.

This will widen up your income streams since you will be catering to clients who have different needs.

#8 Market your services offline and on digital platforms

Shout to the world about your product and services but don’t forget to give value. You can market yourself through different channels like contributing to forums, paying for advertisements on social networks, email marketing among others.

Don’t forget to promote your services or products to family and friends. They may not be direct customers but they can spread the word on your behalf.

#9 Keep earning and exploring the world

Once you have set yourself up for winning, never look back and never settle. Keep working hard toward achieving your goal and exploring the World.

#10 Give back to the community

The community is made up of people who may have helped you get where you are. Do something about it!

You can offer free courses to people who want to follow a similar path or anything that makes you happy. But help others.

All the best from Bilichi!

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