If someone came to you one day and asked, “If you could say in one word what you want more of in life, what would that be?”

What would be your answer if you were to give two things that you want less of in life?

People – both men and women – long for different things in life. This is true for Kenyans as it is for everybody else in the World. We wish and aspire to have more of some things and less of other things.

This is the reason why some wake very early in the morning to go to jobs they hate, others seek solace in nightclubs while others chase every mountain in the world.

Having a balance would be ideal but in reality, that balance has proved hard to achieve. We want more of some things and less of others.

Below are 10 things that Kenyans want desperately in life either more or less but can’t seem to get them.

Top Ten things that Kenyans want more in life

#1 A big house in a posh neighborhood and a big Car

#2 Loads of Money to buy whatever they want.

#3 To eat whatever they want without getting fat

#4 To feel important to others

#5 Luxury travel all over the World

#6 To be remembered positively after death

#7 To have a wedding ceremony (Mostly ladies)

#8 An attractive spouse and children

#9 To speak a foreign language

#10 Have at least one true friend


#11 To be an expert photographer

#12 To know and live their life purpose

#13 Have Fashionable clothes and Pieces of jewelry

Top Ten things that Kenyans want less in life

#1 To look or Feel fat

#2 To have a bad social judgment

#3 Bad health and diseases

#4 To have self-limiting thoughts

#5 Poverty (lack of Money)

#6 Regrets

#7 Stress

#8 Bad relationships

#9 Working for someone else

#10 To look or feel old


#12 Death (Nobody wants to die!)

What do you want more in life?

What do you want less in life?