Why you should have a Website and a Blog

Most Kenyan businesses don’t have a website or a blogging platform and those who do they only list about the services they offer only.

If your business doesn’t have a website you should consider having one because at this age everything is done online.

Blogging is a way of communicating with your potential customers and educating them more about your business services.

I will discuss 5 reasons why you should consider blogging for your business.

#1 Target Potential Clients.

Blogging can help you target potential customers by discussing your industry and the products/services you offer.

By discussing your services and products you offer you will be getting your name in front of the clients that may purchase your products or hire your services.

#2 Boost Your Website Traffic.

Blogging about your business and services or anything related to your business may end up boosting your traffic.

Let’s say you discuss a simple challenge that most people face daily and you offer the solution. People may end up sharing the content to friends and you may end up with a new customer.

And also ranking high on search engines like google will increase your website traffic.

#3 Blogging Helps to Develop a Community.

You can develop a community online through blogging and linking all your online profile together.

An online community can help you know the challenges of your customers very well. Which may help you in improving your services and products.

Having a community can help you conduct surveys free of charge. If you have a blog make sure your comment section is active and reply to all comments.

#4 Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert.

Blogging about your product and services will make you stand out as an industry Expert as you know what you are doing.

And it will also make you the go-to guy for consultation from your loyal customers and more people will trust your business.

#5 Create Valuable Person-to-Person Connections.

If someone ones to know more about your services they will know how to contact you.

Communicating with everyone who sends you an email will make the connection between you and the customer more strong which may lead to purchasing your services or product.

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Blogging is not just putting any content on the web make sure the content you are sharing is valuable and connects with your customer.

Building a loyal community around your blog will take time and skill. Be patient and learn every day to be on top of the game.

About the Guest Author

I am Suleiman Osman and am a professional blogger and I manage the blog Elux.