50 Ways to Make Money Online 24/7 in Kenya (Make money while you sleep)

Are you struggling to find a genuine and practical way to make money online in Kenya 24 hours a day?

Are you looking for fresh and unique ideas on how to make passive income while you travel the world?

If yes, this post is for you.

One of the reasons why many people fear starting out the Digital Nomad lifestyle is because they don’t know how to make money on the road. While there are thousands of blogs dwelling on this topic, it is hard to grasp all the information at once and implement the ideas.

The following is a list of ways on how to make money as a Digital Nomad.

Top Tip: Go through all the ideas, choose about two or three which you are either skillful or passionate about, and then start implementing them.

By doing this, you will eliminate all the other distractions and concentrate on what is really important to you.

Alright, let’s get started.

List of 50 ways to make money online as you travel in 2020

#1 Advertise on your social media accounts

Do you have a good social media following? Are you interested in growing in the marketing and advertising space? Then this is for you.

Social media has taken over the world. Nowadays, very few people care about newspaper ads or billboards. All eyes are on smartphones and personal computers all the time.

With a following on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), you can approach brands and offer to promote their products for a fee. If you work hard enough, you will get loyal clients who can sustain your Nomadic life forever.

#2 Teach a language online

There is always a huge demand from people who want to learn a new language. If you are fluent in an extra language, you can either start your own online language course or sign up with the already established websites to teach the language online.

#3 Sell items online

There a number of ways to sell items online. You can sell your own products, those of friends or others’ through classified websites. Some of the best platforms to sell you items in Africa are Pigiame, Olx, and Jumia.

#4 Buy and sell domains online

Are you creative enough to come up with domain names? If yes, you can buy domain names from registrars and then resell them on websites like Flippa at a profit. Many people are making a living out of this business. All you need is creativity and an internet connection.

#5 List your home on Airbnb

Airbnb is a share economy peer to peer website where you can rent out part or your entire apartment. With this platform, you can earn enough money to fund your nomadic lifestyle.

#6 Start a news blog

Almost every smartphone owner in the world reads news on their devices. If you can be able to share news of what is happening around you, a news blog can earn you living on the road.

#7 Make money teaching a subject online

Do you have a skill that you are passionate about? Are you comfortable teaching others? If yes, you can earn a decent income by teaching online. There are many websites like Skillshare and Udemy where you can list your courses and get paid to share your knowledge.

#8 Become a virtual tour consultant

Do you know your City or Country better than anyone else? If yes, you can set up a website where you give advice, create itinerary and plan trips for people intending to visit.

#9 Become a consultant

Whether you are a personal finance guru, fitness expert or an experienced cook, you can earn money by offering consultancy services in your area of expertise.

#10 Advertise on your blog

If you have traffic on your blog, you can place advertisements that can earn you money in return. Google AdSense is one of the platforms which pay you monthly by placing adverts on your blog.

#11 Design WordPress themes

If you are good in web development, you can create and sell your work online. There are many online platforms like Themeforest which are dedicated to selling theme templates based on WordPress, Bootstrap, and Tumblr among others.

#12 Design WordPress plugins

All themes require plugins in order to run smoothly. You can create premium plugins to be sold with your themes or separately.

#13 Create and sell websites

In the developed markets, you can create and grow websites and then sell them later at a profit. Some of the bestselling websites on Flippa are gossip, lifestyle and news blogs.

#14 Become an influencer on Instagram

Nowadays, people are getting rich overnight through social media. If you have a sizeable and engaged audience on Instagram, you can get paid to promote content, brands, and products on your account.

#15 Become an influencer on Twitter

Just like on Instagram, you can get paid by being an influencer on Twitter where you share sponsored tweets.

#16 Buy and sell cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoins

If you understand how cryptocurrency works, you can earn a good income by trading virtual currencies like Bitcoin. In the year 2017, many people become millionaires from the cryptocurrency craze.

#17 Become a life coach or mentor

Life and business coaching, motivational speaking and mentorship are some of the best paying jobs in the world today. To be one, you don’t necessarily need a college degree. If you can be able to help groups of people in solving their business, life and other personal problems, then this is a great opportunity for you.

#18 Get paid to list businesses on google

Getting a business listed on Google (Google my Business) can boost traffic and conversion. Many business owners in Africa still haven’t realized the power of this tool. You can reach out to such businesses and help list them on google maps for a fee.

#19 Be a link broker

Link building is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. There are many people who are willing to buy and sell links online. You can make a good income by being a middleman between them.

#20 Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to others without necessarily having a physical inventory.  What you need is to find a product to sell, find a supplier and set up a website. Once someone buys a product from your shop, the supplier will ship the product to your customer and then you get paid. Shopify is one of the best platforms to do Dropshipping.

#21 Set up Shopify accounts for others

If you have a web design and development skills, you can help set up Shopify stores for others for a fee.

#22 Become an SEO expert

SEO (Search engine optimization) is one of the key factors to website and blog ranking. If you are well familiar with SEO, you can get paid to optimize websites for search engines.

#23 Write reviews of products

Are there products that you are passionate about and are willing to talk about them? Get paid to do product reviews online.

#24 Answer tech questions

There are many people taking their businesses and lifestyles online but have limited technical knowledge. You can start a blog or a forum to share your tech knowledge. Many people will be willing to pay you a consultation fee if you give them valuable advice in return.

#25 Become an affiliate marketer

As an affiliate marketer, you are paid a commission by promoting products either as links or banners on your website, blog or social media accounts. Some of the best affiliate programs are booking com affiliate and Amazon.

There are many ways to find work and make money online. Find what you are good at and give it your best. Below are other methods Digital Nomads and travelers are using to make money while living a location independent life.

List of other ways to make money as a Digital Nomad

  1. Proofreading and content editing
  2. Start a celebrity gossip blog
  3. Become a Freelance writer or Virtual Assistant
  4. Design and develop custom websites
  5. Do match betting
  6. Become a translator
  7. Answering surveys
  8. Design Logos and Graphics
  9. Become a photographer and sell the photos online
  10. Become a moderator for forums
  11. Design T-shirts and sell them online
  12. Become a guest author or writer
  13. Become a travel blogger
  14. Start a classified website
  15. Manage Social Media Accounts
  16. Design Blogs for specific niches
  17. Test websites on User testing
  18. Sell your art on Etsy
  19. Sell a course or eBook Online
  20. Create infographics for Pinterest
  21. Become a mobile Apps developer
  22. Sell your creative work on Fiverr
  23. Sell on Amazon
  24. Start an E-commerce Shop
  25. Become a Brand Ambassador