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Passion & Business of Blogging 2019

Do have ideas you would want to share with the world?

Are passionate about a particular topic and you would want to share your knowledge with others?

Are you looking for a way to make extra cash doing something that excites you?

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

If yes, then blogging is the best way to express yourself. A blog will bring your ideas to light. Whatever you have wished to share have a potential of being seen by millions of people around the world.

A blog is an online book where you share your ideas, knowledge, and stories on the internet in order to help others as well as make money.

Starting a blog with no prior web design can be daunting, frustrating and at times demotivating. many people end users choosing the wrong platforms and doing everything the wrong way. I was there once, mistakes and learned my lessons. I wouldn’t want another person to experience the same.

For this reason, I am offering you a blogging package that you will not find anywhere else.

What is on offer and what is Included in the blogging package

  1. A free blog domain of your choice for one year
  2. Hosting platform for one year
  3. WordPress installation( All the useful Plugins, Free Theme, Customization, Logo design)
  4. Setting up social accounts for free (Facebook page, Pinterest account, Google plus, Youtube account)
  5. Free lesson on how to update your blog and write Content that people will read and share.
  6. 3 months of Support until you are completely able to update your blog.

What you need to have

A blogging topic or niche (I can help you come up with one)

Laptop, desktop or accessibility to a place with internet like a cyber cafe

Passion and motivation to succeed


The package goes for Kshs 20,000 /- but I have decided to help out first 20 people to contact me today by giving a 40% discount in 2019. Imagine getting all that for only 11,999/-


If this is something you would consider, kindly fill the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Indicate your blog topic or niche in the title field (e.g Travel, Fashion, Cooking, Technology)

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

Get your Ideas on the internet. Start creating your BLOG today!

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