The Best Music School in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you looking for a music school in Nairobi for yourself or your child? Do you want to learn a musical instrument?

Music is therapy. It is the best food for the soul. It refreshes the mind and brings immense happiness to anyone who gets absorbed into it. Since the beginning of time, it has been pro that singing or playing an instrument creates peace and unmatched serenity.

If you want to boost your self-esteem, cultivate social skills, develop great physical skills, build patience and discipline or even improve academic skills for the student, the best way would be to choose music.

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Music School Business in Nairobi

In the past few years, Kenyans have realized the benefits of learning music, musical instruments, and related courses. This is for the purposes of nurturing a hobby, building a career or to stand out from the peers.

For this reason, music enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have found a way to bridge this gap by starting Music Schools in different parts of the country.

Nairobi has seen more Music schools being set up compared to other parts.

The courses offered by Music Schools in Kenya

These schools offer different hands-on courses to their students over a set duration of time – mostly three months for beginner classes.

The courses offered include;

  • Guitar Lessons
  • Piano/Keyboard Lessons
  • Voice/Vocals Coaching Lessons
  • Saxophone Lessons
  • Drumming Lessons
  • Music Production Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Deejay/Veejay Lessons
  • Dance Lessons
  • Music Theory Lessons

Which is the Best Music School in Nairobi?

There are many Music Schools in Nairobi. Each of the schools offers different courses but boosts in a particular lesson or instrument. For example, Five Star Nairobi School of Music is the best Guitar school in Kenya.

From a thorough research, below is the leading music school in Nairobi.

Five Star Nairobi School of Music (Formally RMMA)

This is the overall the best music school in Nairobi. After their transition from RMMA, the school’s management has developed the school to become the leader.

The following is why you should choose them;

  • They have spacious classes
  • Their tutors are competent and professional
  • The tuition fee is affordable – better than of the others.
  • They have free live band sessions every Friday (for everyone) and Thursday evening (for the working class)
  • The school is centrally located
  • The environment is fun – there is a sense of belonging.
  • They do a free cover recording for their voice coaching students.

Contact details

If you want to join them, here is how to reach them.

Location: Visit 12th Floor Development House Moi Avenue

Mobile number:  0722 831 647



List of other Music Schools in Nairobi

While Five Star Nairobi may be the top Music School in Nairobi, the following cannot be left unmentioned for their great work in nurturing talents too.

  • MELODY HOUSE Music School
  • Lighthouse Music Academy
  • The Imperial Schools of Music
  • Kamata Music School
  • Music Inn International
  • Wynton House of Music
  • Kenya Conservatoire of Music

Which is your favorite music school in Kenya? Let us know!