Wireless keyboards are becoming more common as everyone opts for gadgets that reduce clutter in their workspaces. Kenyans haven’t been left behind and if you are looking for the best wireless keyboard in Kenya today, you’ve come to the right page. 

How does wireless keyboard work

Wireless keyboards allow you to communicate with computers without any cable cords linking the keyboard and the computer. However, wireless keyboards use radio frequency (RF) technology to link to the computer. The keyboard sends radio signals that are 2.4GHz to the computer. For the signal to be sent and received by the computer, there are two main parts.

A transmitter and a receiver are the main parts that are used to send and receive radio signals respectively. The wireless keyboard contains the transmitter. The receiver is plugged into the computer system unit on the USB port. Once the receiver and the transmitter are connected, the computer recognizes the keyboard device.

How to pick the best Wireless Keyboard

Nowadays, most of us are using our computers to type jobs, school assignments, and other documents. With the help of a keyboard, these tasks as well as others can be easily accomplished. There are many keyboards in the market and therefore, one has to consider several factors to ensure that the keyboard meets your needs. Below is a list of things you would consider when getting yourself a keyboard:

1. Switches.

The keystrokes on the keyboard should be the first thing to consider. Ensure that the keystrokes are soft, sensitive and they do not require much pressure to press.

2. The type of the work.

Every keyboard is designed to serve according to the purpose. For instance, some are intended for gaming while others are premeditated for typing jobs. Each is designed to provide comfort to the user.

3. Function keys

Most keyboards being provided nowadays have extra keys and other technologies that speed up the tasks. As you purchase a keyboard, you might want to consider looking for volume control keys or a touch pad that replaces the mouse.

4. The design and the layout of the keyboard

The architecture of the keyboard contributes to one’s computing experience. Ensure that the keyboard has keys that don’t overlap. Also, you should be able to rest your wrist on the keyboard without straining.

5. Price

Different keyboards have different prices depending on the features they contain. The more the features incorporated, the higher the price. Ensure that you get one that meets your needs and meets your budget as well.

Review of the 5 best wireless keyboards and backlit keyboard in Kenya

Now that we know how the wireless keyboard works and the things we would consider when purchasing one, let us review the best. 

  • Flexible Wireless keyboard
  • Generic Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • Raoop Computer USB Keyboard
  • Logitech MK220
  • Wireless Keyboard for Android Box/Smart TV
  • Wireless Keyboard with touchpad
  • Backlit Keyboard Kenya.

Let us get to learn about the features of each of the keyboards and learn more about each of them in our next section.

Flexible Wireless keyboard

This is among the newest keyboard generation where it provides flexibility and technology advancements. It provides the computer users with the convenience of having everything they need on their hands. The flexible wireless keyboard is outstanding from other types of keyboards for their flexibility feature. It has full wireless capabilities. The keyboard can be folded or rolled up so as to fit in a pocket. The keyboard becomes portable as a result.

It is a light keyboard made from PVC. It weighs 0.3 Kgs and has a length, width, and height of 5, 10, and 8 centimeters. These features necessitate portability of the keyboard and also saves on your table space.

Aspects of the flexible wireless keyboard.

  • QWERTZ (German)
  • Flexibility.
  • Water and dust proof.
  • Durable layout.
  • USB and USB to PS/2 cable.
  • Wireless
  • Quit keys requiring soft touches.
  • Portable

#1. Generic Mini Wireless Keyboard (Black)

After comparing 20+ wireless keyboards available in Jumia, I settled on the Generic Mini Wireless Keyboard as the overall best wireless keyboard you can find in Kenya today. This keyboard brand is inexpensive and is available in white and black variations. This keyboard will give you a stable and strong connection since it has a frequency wave of 2.4GHz. You will not need to install any apps for it to start functioning. Once you plug in the receiver, the keyboard will start working immediately. The keyboard is suitable for office work and typing jobs since it is designed specifically for these types of jobs. It is a lightweight keyboard and it produces zero noise as one type.

The generic wireless keyboard is designed in a way that it has extra functional keys. You can control the media and launch applications easily and faster using the keys.

Technical specs

  • It connects to the system unit through USB ports.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to work 10 meters from the computer.
  • Weighs 0.4 Kgs.
  • It has an internal ram of 1gb and this facilitates fast typing.

Generic Mini Wireless Keyboard (White)

Quiet keys on this keyboard facilitate comfortable and easy typing. Once plugged in, the USB receiver will work and no software is needed.