If you are in the market for a new woofer or home theater system in Kenya, you should be careful when assessing all the options you have regarding where you can purchase them and the features to look for. Regardless of your location in Kenya, you can get a high-quality woofer online from various vendors including Jumia, Kilimall,Tuskys, Naivas and Carrefour, among other vendors.. Before we review the 12 best woofers you can pick, let’s define what a woofer is. 

A woofer or bass speaker is a home loudspeaker designed to produce low frequency sounds, typically from 50 Hz up to 1000 Hz. On the other hand, a Home theatre is  an equipment that seeks to bring an audio or visual experience of a movie theatre in your home. Jumia Kenya offers a variety of high quality woofers and theatre systems to choose from.

How to pick the best woofer

  1. Know your needs. Before buying any product it’s important to know what you need first. This involves your taste, preferred brand, size, key properties etc.
  2. What’s your budget like? They come in different prices. These range from Ksh2000 to Ksh.165,000. One may require budget woofer, midrange woofer and top notch woofer, it depends with your pocket.
  3. How much power do you want? Different woofers have different abilities and capabilities. There are woofers designed to totally blow your roof off and ensure that you have it loud, clear. Coupled with the right amount of bass and treble depending on what your taste is like. High end bass speakers will ensure you feel chest thumping power at volume 5 while low end will require you to have volume 10 for that kind of power.
  4. Size of the woofer. Woofers come in different sizes. There are systems that come with multiple speakers that can be placed in different areas of your room. Look for that which matches your space of location. 
  5. Clarity of the woofer.  A good woofer ought to give you a sound that is clear, clean and powerful. 
  6. It’s integration with other speakers. How well it blends with your other speakers is also worth noting. The woofer should not overshadow your other speakers but give you a perfect harmony with your other speakers to ensure you get enough treble, crisp, and high quality sound.

Woofer prices in Kenya

From as low as low as Ksh. 2, 000 and as high as Kes. 100,000 you are able to get a woofer that will fit your house-improvement needs. It all depends on your budget or how much are you willing to spend on the product that you want to purchase.

12 Best Woofers on Jumia Kenya


SAYONA- SHT-1195BT is the overall best woofer you can get in Kenya in 2020. This home-speaker is manufactured by Sayona and is currently stocked by Jumia Kenya. This speaker has LED-display control with Bluetooth and USB support making it easy to operate all the functionalities. It is compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 and WMA and would probably work with all formats you choose to play with. It has been rated by twenty customers on Jumia with an average rating of 4/5. 

 SAYONA- SHT-1195BT woofer in Kenya and available on JUmia

Other additional features include; Bluetooth enabled, it supports USB therefore you can connect easily with your device, equalizer functionality for those who love adjusting sound bars

 It comes with four extra speakers apart from the main subwoofer. This product price is at Ksh12,725


  • The subwoofer is able to play different video formats, has support for USB functionality and a LED display.
  • The bass that it delivers is just enough for what a mid-range woofer would deliver.


  • Maybe to loud for some users
  • The bass may not be enough for bass lovers

You can get it on Jumia here


Ampex company has over 1000 speakers of different kinds and is one of the most popular brands retailing woofers and home theaters in Kenya. AMPEX 3.1 Multimedia is the second best subwoofer you can get for yourself on Jumia today. This is a high-quality mid-range audio system that has Bluetooth connection, supports USB and Flash disk, has a SD card slot, FM radio. The AC/DC power supply enables you to power your gadget from different power sources including your battery.  This product is rated by seventy six customers on Jumia with an average rating of 4/5.  The price of this product is Ksh19,999 on Jumia



  • The AC/DC power supply, it can be powered from different sources.


  • For its price, the product has very limited features

You can check its price and availability of Jumia here

Vitron V007

Vitron Company has been in the business for 2 decades and one of its popularly-known woofers, the Vitron V007 is the third best woofer on this 2020 list. For less than Kes. 5,000 you can get yourself this ultra-speaker made to meet the needs of anyone looking for a good experience. It has a built-in powerful amplifier, AUX and digital FM radio, SD card slot and USB enabled. The woofer has 108 ratings on Jumia with an average of 4/5 on Jumia. It’s priced at Ksh.4,999.

Vitron V007 woofer in jumia kenya


It’s efficient and does the job as it was designed. It provides awesome quality and clarity.

  • The price that it comes at is worth considering it’s a mid-range product


  • For total music lovers who loves really loud and extreme bass music, this one lacks extreme bass 

You can check the availability of Vutron V007 on Jumia Kenya  here

GLD G803 

GLD G803 is the 4th best subwoofer in Kenya and which is available online for sale on Jumia. It is a stylish subwoofer that comes with 3 speakers that are somewhat cylindrical giving a classy look to the product. The GLD company has  been known to produce results in the electronic making business. It’s a 1000W powered machine that supports USB, Bluetooth and SD card. Additionally, it’s MP3 supported and with the AC/DC power supply, one can still enjoy great entertainment using their generator. This is the only product from GLD that is near the Ksh5,000 mark going at Ksh6,500. It’s rated by one customer on Jumia with an average of 5/5 ratings.

GLD G803


  • AC/DC power supply. You can therefore connect your car battery to power it or use electricity from, solar or your service provider.


  • The GLD G803 has very limited features in comparison to other products that are cheaper than it. 

You can get the product on Jumia by clicking Here

Von Hotpoint HA16020BT 

Hotpoint company known for manufacturing quality, modern and stylish electronics. One of their most outstanding subwoofer is the Von HA16020BT which comes with two 2.0 inch tallboy speakers with an output power of 80W coupled up by the single subwoofer output of 160W,it guarantees an amazing sound quality and extreme bass that adds flavor to the music. Additional features include; Bluetooth support, LED display, FM radio, SD/MMC card playback and lastly USB playback. The product is not yet rated on Jumia but from the specs I would recommend the product.

Von Hotpoint HA16020BT

It’s price on jumia is valued at Ksh. 13,070

Image result for soundPros

  • Reviews online indicate that the product is of good quality and it has served it’s customers for quite a while, therefore it’s value for money.
  • Its sound system is epic, amplifies clear sounds and it’s bass is on point.


  • It takes longer to turn on approximately five minutes
  • Prone to electromagnetic interference thus affecting sound quality 

You can check the product on Jumia here 

Tagwood LS-421B

It’s a fantastic, classy subwoofer that gives you the best at a very affordable price. Unlike other woofers, this one has a master volume, bass, and treble control for those who love the boom in their homes. It also has FM input, SD card slot, USB disk, the output power of 25W, and power voltage of AC230V:50Hz. With all that, the gadget is currently priced at Ksh.2,199 with an overall rating of 157 ratings from customers and an average of 4/5 ratings on Jumia


  • Has a bass and treble control thus making it easier to regulate the amount of bass/treble one is comfortable with
  • AUX in makes it easier to connect the system to other devices directly


  • The bass quality may not satisfy every consumer, especially those who love bass

You can check the product on Jumia here

JTC 2.1 channel multimedia speaker

JTC is one of the highly sorted companies when it comes to subwoofers. This one comes with a fancy looking look, one subwoofer and two tall speakers. The subwoofer has an output of 80W coupled up with two speakers each carrying 1.5W each. The subwoofer has a P.MP.O of 10000W plus a frequency of 40Hz-250KHz. The product goes for Ksh. 8,395 on Jumia with a rating of 18 customers and an average of 4.3/5 ratings.


  • Bass quality is epic 
  • Termed as high quality audio system from the look and feel


  • Many counterfeits have been manufactured resembling the product, one has to be careful when purchasing the product online

You can check the product on Jumia here

Polysonic MP-3319

A unique creation of the poly sonic that takes your entertainment experience to another level. It has an aesthetic look, classy feel and excellent bass abilities. The 8000W  powerful system has a bass and treble control, USB function and a SD card slot. It goes for Ksh.6,999 on Jumia, with 42 customers rating the product and on average it has 4.3/5 ratings.

No reviews available for the product

You can check the product on Jumia by clicking here

Sony DZ350

Sony is known for producing high-quality home electronics, this is the 9th best epitome of what we call class, quality, and expertise on Jumia. The ecstatic product comes with a stylish monolithic quartz design giving it an expensive look. It comes packed with a DVD player, one subwoofer, and five speakers. It also has an S-master 24-bit digital amplifier for pure sound, Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, a built-in karaoke feature, and lastly an HDMI cable port. It goes for Ksh. 27,200 on Jumia. The product has 33 ratings on Jumia with an average of 4.2/5 ratings.


  • Unified conduit by Bravia sync
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Plug and play USB


No cons concerning the product

You can check the product on Jumia here

Best Woofers Under Ksh. 5,000

Von HA2031B

This is the best woofer on Jumia at a very affordable price. It is designed for gamers, music and movie enthusiasts due to the bass extreme feature, apart from that, it has a USB playback and SD/MMC card thus making your entertainment better by having a variety of device options. It goes for Ksh.2,650 on Jumia with a rating of 144 customers and an average of 4.4/5  ratings

You can get the product here

Ampex 2.1 10000W

For music lovers, you might want to consider this. It is the second best subwoofer below 5,000 on Jumia, it has a Digital FM radio plus MP3 player, Hi-Fi sound manipulation and a Bluetooth function which comes in handy when pairing the device with your phone. It goes for Ksh. 4,480 on Jumia with a rating of 45 customers and an average of 4/5 ratings.

You can check the product on here

Von Hotpoint HA4531F

A quality subwoofer meant for audiophiles who love the boom effect. This is the 3rd best under 5,000 woofer on Jumia. It has a 5.25” subwoofer plus two 3″ speakers, it has additional features of the LED display and a USB and SD/MMC card slot. The product is priced at Ksh.3,970 on Jumia and has 5 ratings from customers and an average of 4.8/5 ratings.

You can check the product on Jumia  here

Von Hotpoint HA4532DC

For gamers, music and movie lovers this is it. Its 45W RMS plus 25/290W system makes it ideal for entertainment lovers. It is AC/DC compatible and is packed with the cable, it has a LED display plus a USB playback functionality. It also comes with a SD/MMC card slot. It goes for Ksh.4,300 on Jumia with a rating of 8 customers and an average of 4.6/5 ratings.

You can check the product on Jumia  here

Lyons ELP-2562

This gadget totally fits bachelors because of its masculine look. For a start, this would be the best choice as it is affordable. It has interesting features such as a USB flash disk, SD memory card, FM radio, AUX-in plus the AV/DC dual power supply, and lastly not forgetting the Bluetooth function. The gadget goes for Ksh.2,969 and has a rating of 8 customers with an overall rating of 5/5 ratings on Jumia.

You can check the product on Jumia here

Best Bluetooth Speakers on Jumia

Xiaomi Mi compact Bluetooth speaker

It comes with an aluminum body, Bluetooth speaker handsfree bass speaker. It’s very light and can easily be moved from one place to another. It goes for Ksh.1,897 on Jumia. It has been rated by 20 customers with an average of 4.8/5 ratings on Jumia

You can check the product on Jumia  here

M-luck wireless Hi-Fi Bluetooth

It’s a wireless quality Bluetooth speaker that is a product of Sunlar solar company, it comes with a Micro SD -slot, FM radio, USB function and speakerphone. It goes for Ksh. 1,199 on Jumia. It has been rated by 9 customers with an average rating of 4.4/5 ratings on Jumia.

You can check the product on Jumia here 

Wster 2519BT portable

This is an affordable, quality Bluetooth speaker with a bar look. It’s meant to boost bass sound thus giving a smooth sound experience. Apart from that, it has an inbuilt microphone for recording, 1500 mAh battery  and an AUX cable for connecting to other devices. It goes for Ksh. 1,859. It has been rated by 2 customers with an average of 5/5 ratings.

You can check the product on Jumia  here

Zealot Bluetooth speaker

An affordable portable Bluetooth gadget that is equipped to give you entertainment wherever you are. It comes with a 4000mAh inbuilt power bank, supports TF card, LED flashlight and surround bass stereo sound. It goes for Ksh. 1,990 on Jumia. It has been rated by 2 customers with an average of 5/5 ratings on Jumia.

           You can check the product on Jumia  here

Best Car Subwoofers on Sale

Kenwood HQR3000

It’s a 1500 watts sound system with a two-layer  voice coil design that guarantees an outstanding sound that we all crave for in our cars. It also comes equipped with a breather speaker cabinet made from chipboard material. This technology is meant to produce quality bass that we all crave from our systems.

Key features

  • Peak input power 1500W
  • Woofer magnet composition Ferrite
  • RMS input power 500W
  • Nominal Impedance 40hms
  • Mounting depth 153mm
  • Frequency response 32Hz-300Hz

This product goes for Ksh. 14,999 on Jumia

You can check the product on Jumia here

NO beyond underseat powered subwoofer

This is an underseat subwoofer meant for cars, for those who love the treble and the bass underneath their seats, this is it.

Key features;

  • 600W 10” speaker cone
  • Volume control
  • Maximum output power: 180W(90×2)
  • Voltage: 14.4(10v-16v)
  • Portable and lightweight

This product goes for Ksh.11,999

You can check the product on Jumia here

Kenwood KFC-W3010

This is a typhoon subwoofer that gives the best when it comes to sound quality. The strong woofer cone surface guarantees clean clear sound. It also comes with a urethane surround thus emitting tight clear sounds.

Key features:

  • Dual magnet
  • Top mount depth:5-1/4”
  • Frequency response: 25-800Hz
  • Power range: 35-300W RMS. 

It goes for Ksh.12,999 on Jumia 

You can check the product on Jumia here

Sony XS- NW1201

For quality sound emission, this is the way to go, the product guarantees quality bass and clear sounds ideal for a smooth ride in your car. The 1800W  powered gadget has the following key features;

  • Pentagon diaphragm for less distraction
  • Dimpled cone for higher SPL
  • Surround with stroke stabilizer
  • Medium density fibreboard

It goes for Ksh.9,500

You can check the product on Jumia here

To sum up, woofers, subwoofers and home theatres are essential components in our lives, whether at home, cars etc. They add life to the already existing environment because they tend to bring a connection between our inner selves and the outside world. These audio systems are now manufactured to fit every client’s needs and pocket ability, I don’t mind getting one for myself, do you?