How to Grow Your Career or Business with a Website or Blog

Do you have a small business and would want to increase sales? Is being the best in what you do going to help grow your career? Are you looking for a job and would want to get hired after the first interview? If yes, this blog post is for you!

With all the changes happening in the world in this age, the old ways of doing things are becoming obsolete. When someone wants to buy a product or service, they will first look for reviews. The same applies to the job market. Many companies are not just looking at what you have written on the CV about yourself, they are looking for a proof of competence before hiring you.

A blog or a website is one of best CV ever!

Whatever hustle you are doing, you can increase your sales, grow your career or even get hired easily if you have a personal blog or a website with relating content.

These tools serve as a great referee for anyone hunting for a job. It shows a potential employer that you are passionate about and you understand the job you are applying for.

Likewise, if you are a business owner, writing helpful content about what you sell gives buyers confidence and builds you as a trustworthy seller.

Lessons and Examples for the different personalities

When you start a blog, make sure to write content that people will love and enjoy reading. Showcase your products, share your skills, and offer help for free. The following are ways in which a Blog or website can help you grow.

Example 1: Affiliate marketer who has a Blog

If you are selling affiliate products, the best way to stand out from the crowd that is scamming people is to be professional. To do that you create a blog (It’s almost free), Facebook page, Instagram page and a twitter account. This way people will trust you unlike when you use a personal profile and posting to every group on Facebook.

Example 2: A business owner with a Website

Say you sell clothes, books or other products. If you have a blog and social media accounts, people will start noticing you and soon enough they will start buying from you. Very few nowadays buy from groups. They buy from pages and websites and people they can trust.

Example 3: A Career job Seeker

Say you are a qualified receptionist, salesperson, cook, restaurant attendant or driver. If you set up a blog and social pages and start sharing what you know in that field, people will start to notice you. This is a better way to seek employment. When people see you are posting about the things you know, they won’t even need you to provide a CV to hire you. Many people lack jobs because instead of being creative, they spend all the time posting on Facebook pages and groups asking for any jobs.

Example 4: A Professional with a personal blog

If you are a self-employed professional consultant or an employee of a company, a personal website or blog will help you dominate and stand out from the rest. By sharing your knowledge about what you do, you will eventually become an authority in your field of expertise. This increases your worth in your organization or in your profession.


Just be a bit creative. Advertise your business and skills the right way.

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