Chris Kirubi Rules and Lessons to Success in business and life

Chris Kirubi (Christopher John Kirubi) is a Kenyan Based Entrepreneur, Businessman, Mentor, Industrialist, and Philanthropist. He the Chairman of major companies both Kenyan and international. Chris is also the Director and the largest shareholder of Centum investments. He is one of the richest men in Kenya and Africa.

I consider him to be the Warren buffet of Africa. Here are top rules for success in business and life I have learned from Chris Kirubi.

Success and Failure

Getting a University Degree does not result in success. The same way the lack of having one doesn’t qualify for failure. It’s what you do with the knowledge and life skills you have that will make you successful.”- Chris Kirubi

Hire people with the right Mindset and Skills

“I employ mostly for attitude and train for skill. If you have a guy without the right attitude, their skill will not help you because they are irrelevant to your business.”

“If we strip you of the various certificates, degrees, and accolades that you hold, what are you worth?”- Chris Kirubi

Don’t just sit back and complain. Take action.

“You need to identify your most valuable and profitable activities that will help you achieve your goals. Don’t just sit and borrow money, let your money work for you. Look for various avenues to invest and grow your cash.” – Chris Kirubi

Have positive attitude

“Nothing can stop a man with a positive attitude from achieving his goal, while nothing on earth can help a man with a negative attitude. Being positive gets you to work hard, achieve your goals and stay encouraged when times get tough. What you believe, you receive.” – Chris Kirubi

Keep learning and innovating

“One of the most important lessons I have come to learn over the years is that you cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. You must keep learning new methods and ways of doing things to keep abreast with the world’s ever-changing trends.”

Hangout with people who challenge you

“Network and meet professionals and mentors in your area of specialization. Create cordial business partnerships that will challenge you intellectually and build you.”

“Surround yourself with the most skilled, intelligent, and knowledgeable people. They edify you, challenge your decisions, brainstorm with you, hold intellectual discussions and are great to learn from. Associate yourself with greatness if you want to achieve success.”

Make partnerships with like-minded people

“Africa has numerous opportunities, but remember, you can’t thrive alone. If you stand alone, you stand little or no chance of survival. Partner and merge your resources with other like-minded people to enable you to attract bigger opportunities and investment you need.” – Chris Kirubi

Be optimistic and focus on your vision

“Being optimistic and realistic at the same time trains you to search and work for that which you don’t have. Don’t be distracted from your vision by anyone. If you think it and believe it then it is up to you to do it and to be it.”

“Don’t spend time, energy & resources on ventures, not in line with your aspirations. Know what you want & work towards that purpose” – Chris Kirubi

Never Quit

“Quitting sometimes is a daily occurrence when you meet challenges that want to throw you off the course. But with inbuilt aggressiveness and commitment and trust in yourself, you will find a way out of any predicament.”

“One cause for abandoned goals is lack of upfront appreciation of price to be paid. It involves more than financial considerations” – Chris Kirubi

Take responsibility for your life and future

“Remember the world is yours for the taking and you are fully responsible for the great future you so desire. Your past does not define your future, but your present actions and decisions will definitely affect your future. Choose your future today.” – Chris Kirubi

“Each day remember to involve yourself in tasks that add value to your life. Spare some time working on improving your future.” – Chris Kirubi

Be the Leader and vision bearer of your business

“As the leader of your business, the transformation begins with you. You drive the vision and success of the business. Do things right”

“As you shape your future be very tactful. Let your decisions add up to the final goal. Save time by know what you want to achieve”

Quotes of the day

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” – Eric Thomas

“It’s one thing to talk about your destiny. It’s one thing to dream about your destiny. It’s one thing to look at your destiny. But it’s another thing – it is another thing – to make the decisions. To wake up when you know you supposed to wake up! Listen to what I’m telling you! To write when you don’t feel like writing that paper. To say no to that party, that you know, is not going to help you, to make your dreams become a reality. Listen to me! No, to sleep when you should be working out. Saying no to quit when you still got a hundred more shots to make. Saying no when your body says stop, but you put in fifty more push-ups! You can’t just talk about it! You gotta be about it!” – Eric Thomas

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