Best Company Registration Services in Kenya

Company Registration Services in Kenya

At Bilichi, we help individuals and groups in registering their small businesses and companies in Kenya.  Registering a business in Kenya is a requirement under the law.

Some of our services include but not limited to:

  1. Business Name Registration.
  2. KRA PIN certificate
  3. Tax compliance certificate
  4. Company profile
  5. Applying for CR12 document
  6. Creating an account on the e-citizen portal.

The procedure for company registration in Kenya is

  1. Name search
  2. Preparing a Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital
  3. Pay the stamp duty fee
  4. Sign the office location form.
  5. Provide the names of directors and secretary of the company
  6. Declaration of compliance signed by a commissioner of oath
  7. Submitting the required documents
  8. Now you are ready to get your company seal

The requirement for registering a company in Kenya

  1. Give the proposed company name for search
  2. Provide the aim and objective of the company. This is the nature of the business or the intended activities of the business.
  3. Name of all the individual shareholders of the company
  4. Names of the company directors
  5. Contact details, Email addresses, Postal addresses and residence of shareholders and directors of the company
  6. Shares held by each shareholder and their total number
  7. Hard and soft copies of identity cards or passport numbers of directors and shareholders
  8. Copy of KRA Pin certificates and passport size photographs of the Directors/Shareholders.

Statutory Requirements

  1. You need to register a PIN, VAT, and PAYE with the KRA.
  2. It is mandatory to make a medical contribution for the company’s employees. In this case, you need to register with NHIF.
  3. Register for employee’s retirement fund with the National Social Security Fund Kenya.
  4. Apply for a business permit with the county council in your location.

We have experts in Company registration who will be ready to assist you to get the legal aspect of your business taken care of.