Content Creators Needed: We Are Hiring!

Freelance Content Creators (Web Blog Posts and Articles)

About us

At Bilichi Kenya, we create content for top ten lists in Kenya and Africa. We craft content for all industries from Real Estate to Entertainment, Banking to Transport, Technology to Agriculture and more.

“Bilichi Kenya lists the top ten people, places, businesses, and companies in Kenya and the best in Africa. This helps you make decisions on who to follow and businesses to engage with. We also seek to empower people to start their own successful businesses by following world leaders.”

We are looking for freelance content creators to join us in creating web blog posts and articles that matter to our readers and potential partners.

If you believe you know an industry better than anybody else and can be able to craft quality “Top Ten Lists”, then this opportunity is for you.

We believe in the ideas of “Show, do not tell” and for that reason, we are looking for practitioners – People who have experience in this field.

How to Apply

To apply, fill the application form below indicating the following;

  • Highest academic qualifications (Certificate, Diploma or Degree).
  • Link(s) to your previous work/portfolio.
  • Your rates (Cost per word).

Once you send your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible with more details if you meet our shortlist requirements.

Content Creators Application Form

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