In a new twist to the Cytonn Scam saga, tenants at the Alma apartments by Cytonn have been going without power because Cytonn hasn’t been paying their power bills to KPLC.

KPLC has indicated that Alma Apartments by Cytonn owes a debt of 509,000 and this speaks volumes to the financial position of the much-hyped fund manager that is unable to clear such a small bill.

Alma Apartments with 2-bedrooms going for as high as 11 million shillings are being marketed as high-end and affordable flats and a few tenants and landlords have been led to believe the lies. What makes this unattractive is the fact that KPLC can still penalize tenants or landlords for the failure of the apartment manager(Cytonn) to pay their bills – despite tenants and landlords remitting the funds (service fees) to Cytonn every other month.

A tenant in one of the apartments said that she has been without power and the matter has not received attention from Cytonn who has kept making promises that they’re working to pay KPLC.

Tenants looking to buy new tokens get a message from KPLC that their meters have been blocked because of an outstanding bill that Cytonn owes to KPLC.

For anyone looking to buy Cytonn apartments such as those in the Alma, please beware of such difficulty and be prepared to go without power. Cytonn seems to be broke and is affecting the residents immensely.