Laptops have now become a fundamental fragment of our lives and we recently reviewed the 7 best laptops in Kenya today. In this guide, I’ll review the best Dell laptop brands available in the Kenyan market.

Apart from portability, a laptop should be durable, fast, and efficient to ensure it suits our every day different needs. This growing demand for laptops has given rise to a pool of brands with different specifications in the market.

Dell is among the most reputable laptop brands in the arena. My first laptop was a Dell Latitude Mini 10.1” (250GB HDD + 2GB RAM), followed by a Latitude 3330 12” (4GB RAM +500GB SSD). I can tell you I had a great experience with Dell brands until recently when I switched to HP brands to feel the experience.

About Dell Laptops Kenya

An American-based multinational corporation, Dell is a reputable brand in the manufacture and distribution of hi-tech equipment. When it comes to the manufacture of laptops, Dell has been magnificent! Dell understands it has a broad client network, so they produce laptops with price tags that are affordable for different clients including those in the developing world like Kenya. Dell laptop prices range in accordance with the processing capacity of the processors.

Approximately 95% of the entire Dell laptops are produced in Asian countries – China, Malaysia, Xiamen (since 1999), and Penang (1995). A new manufacturing unit has been set up in Chennai, India but the Kenyan market is mostly served by authorized Dell distributors.

When it comes to the design, I can coincide with many users globally that Dell has not optimized the design of their laptops. What matters most to Dell is the power and stability of their hardware apparatuses. In their newest laptop models, they introduced sleek design concepts that come with an attractive design, for instance, Dell XPS 13.

Dell Laptops in Kenya

Some of you are asking: does Dell Company have service partners in Kenya?

Yes, it does! Dell service contracts in Kenya can be found in Nairobi, at Repair Junction Ltd. (Westlands) and Ensure Technical Services KE Ltd. (Westlands). The info can be found on their official service partner’s page.

Dell Laptop Prices in Kenya

Jumia Kenya platform sells Dell laptops with a range of prices that caters for all clients. Their price ranges from Kshs. 12,999 to Kshs. 179,500, depending on specs and laptop needs. With an average of Kshs. 25,000, you can get a decent Dell laptop on Jumia Kenya.

5 Best Dell Laptops on Jumia Kenya

We know there are many Dell models on the market that you may prefer, but what makes it your best? When choosing, we looked at the laptop’s processor (CPU), storage, and memory (RAM). Other factors include screen quality, keyboard quality, battery life, USB 3.0 ports, biometric security, and construction quality (material).

Having said that, here are our five best dell laptops on Jumia Kenya:

  1. Dell Latitude E7440
  2. Dell Inspiron 3493
  3. Dell XPS 13
  4. Dell Latitude E5250
  5. Dell Vostro 3490

Check out the comparison table below for an overview of these laptop’s features and prices.

A Comparison Table of the Best Dell Laptops on Jumia

Dell ModelFeaturesPrice as of Oct. 2020Check Today’s Price
Dell Latitude E7440Processor: Intel core i5Screen: 14” displayStorage: 500 GB HDDRAM: 4 GBKshs. 31,999Check
Dell Inspiron 3493Processor: Intel core i5Screen: 14” HD displayStorage: 1 TB HDDRAM: 4 GB DDR3OS: Free DOSKshs. 66,500Check
Dell XPS 12Processor: Intel core i7Screen: 13.3” displayStorage: 2556 GB SSDRAM: 4 GBKshs. 63,999Check
Dell Latitude E5250Processor: Intel core i5Screen: 12.5” displayStorage: 128 GB SSDRAM: 8 GB DDR3LOS:  WindowsKshs. 42,000Check
Dell Vostro 3490Processor: Intel core i7Screen: 14” displayStorage: 256 GB SSDRAM: 8 GB Kshs. 110,999Check 

Review of the 5 Best Dell Laptops on Jumia Kenya

In this section, we shall review our five best Dell laptops on Jumia Kenya looking at their description, specs, as well as features. By the end of the review, you shall have known why these laptops feature in our 5 best Dell laptops.

Dell Latitude E7440

Our finest Dell laptop on Jumia Kenya is Dell Latitude E7440 stands out as the best laptop you can buy today for completing your everyday tasks. Latitude E7440 performance bundled into a sleek Ultrabook featuring 4th Gen Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, and 500GB HDD.

The Ultrabook comes with a striking 21 mm thin design that includes an optimal 14-inch display, a 3-cell battery, and weighs 3.6 lbs. You will also delight in the laptop’s sleek, sturdy aluminum, smooth finishes, plus a powder-polished base. To ensure the laptop remains durable to challenge physical environments, Dell Latitude E7440 features a tri-metal chassis.

It also survives MIL-STD.810G testing. The laptop comes with innovative wireless capabilities to allow you to connect it wirelessly to compatible mouse, keyboards, and more. You can integrate and automate laptop management with hi-tech integration into Dell KACE appliances and Microsoft System Center.

Check here for more information on multimedia, ports, slots, input, and power.

Dell Inspiron 3493

Are you looking for a laptop that will make you appear both confident and capable? Meet Dell Inspiron 3493!

Dell Inspiron 3493 comes with Dell Mobile Connect feature that allows you for a seamless PC/smartphone integration which gives you access to multiple devices at once. Dell Mobile Connect gives you the option to channel notifications from apps into your laptop. With this, you are assured of secure connections to avoid data exposure via unsafe internet connections.

 This laptop comes with a durable design to make sure you get reliable performance over years of consistent use. Dell has meticulously tested their laptop’s systems to improve the user’s experience to ensure it maintains a healthy performance even in varying temperatures.

Dell Inspiron 3493’s power buttons have been tested for 40k presses and 5 million clicks on keyboard keys to make sure they are functional. Its internal connectors, from USB to AC, have also been tested many times to ensure easy replacement and long-lasting performance. It weighs 3.68 lbs.

Check more information on Dell Inspiron 3493 laptop here.

Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 has been regularly ranked on the crest of the best laptops available in the market. The laptop is in Dell’s latest laptop models of the sleek design concepts that come with an eye-catching design. Even with the high competition in the laptop’s arena, the Dell XPS 13 continues to improve with some upgrades.

This laptop carries on the legacy of what made the XPS line an exceptional choice since its entrance by refining their performance. It comes with dual Thunderbolt standard USB ports (1 USB-C 3.1, a microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.). Even with the stiff competition on the laptop arena, very few come close to the Dell XPS 13!

Dell XPS 13 13.3” screen allows you to view things in ultra HD resolution, and comes with UltraSharp InfinityEdge touch display. It weighs 1.23 kg.

Check more information on this laptop here.

Dell Latitude E5250

Dell Latitude E5250 in Kenya and sold by Jumia and Kilimall
Dell Latitude E5250

The Dell Latitude series or product line has had a buoyant rating in our review, which is why we have the Dell Latitude E5250. This 12.5” Latitude E5250 laptop offers exceptional performance which makes it a fantastic choice for accomplishing your everyday tasks.

This elegant laptop is built to maintain strong connection with reliable performance and an extended battery life so you can surf the net, stream Netflix, or any other important things. It comes with a trial version of Windows 10, 720p webcam, and other important features. It weighs 1.7 kgs.

For more information and specs on the Dell Latitude E5250, check here.

Dell Vostro 3490

Dell Vostro 3490 laptop in Kenya

The Vostro 3490 ranks amongst the laptops from Dell that come with a high price tag. This 14” Dell Vostro 3490 includes the Dell Mobile Connect (DMC) feature that allows you to connect your Android or iOS mobile devices with your laptop. As such, you can channel your device’s app notifications to the laptop’s screen and concentrate on your tasks.

The laptop comes with a Gigabit Ethernet which transfers data at speeds of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps. This makes it ideal for individuals and organizations that need to download files at supersonic speeds. If you need to connect your laptop to a monitor or TV, Dell Vostro 3490 includes a VGA port to make this easy.

Dell Vostro 3490 comes with an optional fingerprint reader on the power button that lets you protect your work. You just need to sign-in which is straightforward, fast, and secure. For enhanced protection, the laptop comes with a hardware-based security feature called TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0). You can use this feature to make and run computer-generated encryption keys that can be used to encrypt and protect your passwords.

The laptop includes capable processors (up to 10th Generation Intel Core i5) that offer reliable performance, terrific graphics, and seismic 1TB storage. There is also an optional feature, peak shift, which reduces power consumption by auto-switching battery power any time of the day.

For info on ports & slots, dimensions, and more, check out here.


That’s it, guys! Jumia Kenya is an equivalent of Kenya’s Amazon, which means there are more Dell laptops. These were our 5 best Dell laptops and Jumia delivers them to your doorstep when you place an order. If you are looking for a diversity of laptops on Jumia KE, check out our best laptops on Jumia laptops article.