Make Kshs 5000 in Kenya Today!

Are you wondering how you can make Kshs 5000 in a day?

This could be because you want to pay school fees or rent, buy food, pay debts or go out to drink with friends (Because why not?)

Making Kshs 5000 per day – today – in Kenya is not that easy and neither is it too hard. There are people who make more than that per hour!

So, how can you do it?

First, let us see how to break the Kshs 5,000 down using the basic first principles.

Rule 1: There is nothing for something!

To play the game of making money, you need the following.

  • Identify a Problem: Something that the society wants (Quick money, Gossip news, Love, More time…)
  • Create a product or service: You have to cater to the needs of your market in order to make money.
  • Make an offer: Sell a product or service to your target audience.
  • Make money: By creating value or solving a pain point you will get rewarded with money
  • Repeat!

How to make Kshs 5000 Today

To make any amount of money, you have to give something in return. It could be a product, service or your time. The fastest way if you don’t have personal skills would be to sell a product or service. I that case, you need a source of money (A business or an individual).

Now let us look at the possibilities of making Kshs 5,000 in a day.

Find Y Sources (Businesses or Individuals) to give you Kshs X each

  • 1 Source * Kshs 5,000 Product/Service = Kshs 5,000
  • 2 Sources * Kshs 2,500 Product/Service
  • 4 Sources * Kshs 1,250 Product/Service
  • 5 Sources * Kshs 1,000 Product/Service
  • 10 Sources * Kshs 500 Product/Service
  • 20 Sources * Kshs 250 Product/Service
  • 25 Sources * Kshs 200 Product/Service
  • 50 Sources * Kshs 100 Product/Service
  • 100 Sources * Kshs 50 Product/Service
  • 500 Sources * Kshs 10 Product/Service
  • 1000 Sources * Kshs 5 Product/Service

Now that you have an idea of how to make Kshs 5,000 in a day, it is your turn to go and hustle. Find a product or service that you can offer to a particular number of people for a given profit margin and you will have solved your problem.

Example: The Hard Way!

Identify a Problem: People want to have quick money through sports betting (Via Sportpesa, Bet in, Betika…).

Solution: Photocopy the daily games page from the daily newspapers (it will cost you about Kshs 3 per copy) in bulk – about 500 copies.

Identify a market: There are thousands of people that get off at the Nairobi Railway Station every morning going to work. Most of them buy copies with daily sports games in the city center. Target them by selling the copies just after the exit from the railway station. Sell the printout at Kshs 15. If you still have some more remaining printouts stand at the railway’s bridge where more people pass by and offer your products.

Value: The printout (one side) for one betting company (e.g. Sportspesa) sells at Kshs 10. Print the paper with odds on both sides of the paper (Two companies) and sell it at Kshs 15.

With less than the 500 copies, you will have made Kshs 5,000.

Start a Blog

A blog can earn you as high as 10,000 per day from advertisements income and affiliate sites.

Below is a snapshot of my daily income from ads, about $20 to $30:

snapshot of earning summary from mediavine

I also earn $30 to $50 per day from Amazon by referring readers on this website to Amazon and earning affiliate commision. The site is focussed on the American market and below is a snpshot of his Sept 24, 2020 income.

earn income from Amazon or Jumia

Again, if you are not familiar with how to get started with a blog, read this helpful guide to starting a blog.

Good luck!

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