Important Landmarks and Meeting Points in Nairobi, Kenya and how to find them

Nairobi is one of the largest and the most populous cities in Africa. Every time someone new arrives in Nairobi from upcountry or internationally, they feel overwhelmed by the buildings, traffic jams and the number of people on the streets.

Getting lost in the city is quite easy. For those people who are not familiar with google maps, one of the way to identify where they are with landmarks and other meeting points.

The list below comprises the most famous landmarks and meeting points in Nairobi Kenya. They include important buildings, hotels, bus stations and recreational gardens.

List of important landmarks and meeting points in Kenya

Ambassadeur Hotel

This hotel is located between Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya Street opposite the National Archives. The landmark is more common to people coming from estates and settlements on the outskirts of the city.

Kenyatta International Convention Center

In the past few years, KICC used to be the tallest building in Nairobi and hence easily Identifiable. Any time someone got lost, they would trace KICC and then find their way from there.

Kencom House

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Kenya. The Kencom House is adjacent to the Kencom Bus station and opposite the Hilton Hotel. The buses at Kencom serve some of the famous routes in Nairobi including Kenyatta National Hospital, Ngong Road, Kibera, and Kawangware.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton hotel is located opposite Kencom House on City Hall road and at the end of Kimathi Street on the other side.

National Archives

The National Archives is one of the tourist attraction sites within the Nairobi city center. Inside the building, you will find information about the history of Kenya and East Africa. It is a known landmark and a meeting point. The building is located between Moi Avenue and Tom Mboya Street opposite the Ambassadeur Hotel and Hilton Hotel.

Railways Bus Station

For a long time, the Railway bus station has been one of the most famous meeting locations in Nairobi. The bus stop is located close to the Haile Selassie roundabout. Next to the bus station are the Nairobi Railway Station, Kenya Railways headquarters and Easy Coach bus offices.

Other landmarks and meeting points in Nairobi

  • Bus Station
  • Uhuru Park
  • Jeevanjee Gardens
  • Tea Room
  • Afya Center
  • August Memorial Park
  • Nyayo House