Top Corruption Scandals in Kenya

Almost every single day in 2018, Kenyans are waking up to a Scandal where Billions of shillings are being stolen from the public. This norm has increased the concerns and questions are being asked on how public resources are being used.

In the last one month (April and May), individuals connected with the looting have been questioned and all eyes are now set on the Government to see if responsible individuals will be charged.

List of the biggest corruption scandals in Kenya 2018

The second Kshs 9 Billion NYS Scandal

This scandal came even before the cases relating to the previous Kshs 871 Million is complete. It is alleged that Kshs 9 Billion has been lost through theft in the National Youth Service.

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Soon after some of the senior officials in the NYS and Public service were questioned by the parliament committee, DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) ordered their arrests.

The Kshs 1.9 Billion NCPB maize scandal

In this Corruption scandal, it is alleged that over Kshs 1.9 Billion was lost through questionable deals between traders and the National Cereals and Produce Board.

The scandal is still under investigation.

The Kshs 2 B Tree planting project

A few months after the Government banned logging, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a tree planting project. This project was started well and people started planting trees countrywide.

In just a few months later, Kshs 2 Billion was allegedly lost in the project through unscrupulous timber mafias and some Kenya Forest Officials.

In one of the local daily newspapers, it was alleged that a tree was bought at Kshs 20,000 which is about 1000 times the normal price.

Investigations have already started to unearth the alleged scandal.

List of senior officials and other individuals arrested in the NYS Scandal Kenya 2018

The Kenya Police arrested officials involved in the alleged NYS Scandal on Monday morning. This development came after the DPP instructed that the responsible culprits brought to book.

  • Mr Richard Dubai, NYS Director-General
  • Mr Sam Muchuki
  • Mr Peter Muchui
  • Mr Matano Odoyo, NYS
  • Ms Keziah Mwangi, NYS
  • Mr Duba Galgalo
  • Mr Isaiah Adalo Chopia
  • Mr Wellanalo Mulupi, NYS
  • Mr David Kirui
  • Mr Timothy Kiplangat Rotich
  • Mr James Thuita Nderitu, businessman
  • Ms Yvonne Wanjiku Ngugi, businesswoman
  • Mr Sammy Mbugua
  • Mr Ferdinard Matavo
  • Ms Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita, NYS supplier
  • Ms Lucy Wambui Ngirita, Wambere’s mother
  • Ms Phyllis Ngirita, Wambere’s sister
  • Mr Gicini Ngirita, Wambere’s brotherMs
  • Ms. Lillian Mbogo Omollo, Public Service PS