Ways of making money online in Kenya

If you do it right, this could be the easiest way to make money online in Kenya from your smartphone or computer. You don’t need to have a blog or a website, just your device, and internet.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

To get you started with this method, I will answer 5 most critical questions.

What is a classified website?

A Classified website is an online platform where you can sell or find products or services. It contains categories and lists of items and services posted by users.

What are some of the best classifieds websites in Kenya?

In Kenya, there are many classified websites; some of the best to work with are;

  1. Olx Kenya (olx.co.ke)
  2. Pigiame Online Classifieds (pigiame.co.ke)
  3. Biashara Classifieds (Biashara.co.ke)
  4. Zealla Classifieds (Zealla.com)
  5. UzaPrice Classifieds (uzaprice.com)

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

How can I make money?

You can make money through these classifieds website by;

  1. Listing your used items and selling them on the platform.
  2. Listing your friends and family items and get a commission once you sell them.
  3. Partner with real estate developers and homeowners to list their properties online. Charge them as well as house seekers for viewing.
  4. Approach mobile phone and accessories shops, offer to list their products and get a commission once you make a sale.
  5. Look at the products that are moving fast online, list them, and when someone makes an order, source the item in the local shops and places.
  6. Listing your services and skills e.g. teaching an instrument, coaching etc.

How much can I make?

How much you make depends on what you are listing and the commission you get out the item or listing.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019


  1. By listing houses and rooms for rent, you can make as much as Kshs 3000 per day
  2. Listing phones and accessories, you can earn anything from Kshs 2000 per day in commissions. This also depends on the commission margin you have set.
  3. A private guitar tutor gets about Kshs 80 Kshs 800 per hour if you have about 3 sessions in a day, you will make from Kshs 2000 per day

How do I get started?

If you believe this is a good fit for you, the best thing is to get started and learn the tricks as you go.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

  • Decide what you will be listing
  • Sign up with the classifieds websites by creating an account
  • List your items in all the possible classified websites
  • Let people know what you do. Advertise on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Keep updating your accounts and keep checking for requests
  • Make money!

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Do you want to learn other ways to make money online in Kenya? Contact me or leave a comment below. All the best as you get started.