How to Earn money as a freelance real estate agent in Kenya

The demand for real estate properties, houses, flats, apartments, and rooms for rent in Kenya is ever high. Every single day there are many people searching for properties to rent across Kenya, especially in the cities.

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If you know an area well or are willing to learn, this is a very good opportunity for you to earn money. People who have gone into this business are earning decent amounts every single day.

Step by step guide to becoming a real estate agent in Kenya.

#1 Identify vacant houses or flats in your area or in an area that is growing

There are many places in Nairobi and other areas with vacant apartments. Such areas are the fast glowing locations like Kamulu, Utawala, Kikuyu, Embakasi, Kinoo, Lang’ata etc. To identify these areas, you can search Olx, Pigiame, Facebook groups and pages for house listings.

#2 Contact the owner or the caretaker

Once you have identified the vacant houses, flats, and apartments, you need to contact the owners or caretakers and ask if they can allow you to market them. For a start, you can market them for free. If you can’t get the owners or caretakers, call the numbers displayed on the vacant apartments. Most of the times these phone numbers belong to the owners or the caretakers.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

#3 Take good pictures of the rooms

Once you have been allowed to market the properties, take good pictures of all the rooms.

#4 Market and advertise the properties

Once you have a list of vacant houses, rooms, flats and apartments, and their pictures, it is time to market and earn money. The best ways to do this is to use Facebook, Classified websites and a website (Not necessary).

#5 Join real estate agent social forums like Facebook Groups

Join as many groups relating to leasing and renting houses in Kenya as possible. Create a posting schedule and make sure you do it in a professional way. People hate spam posts! If your post is clear, with all the necessary information, you will get many people requesting to view the properties. This is where you earn. You charge each person a viewing fee. (The best-recommended viewing amount is between Kshs 500 and Kshs 2000)

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

#6 Create your own Facebook Page

People trust Facebook pages more than groups. If you can be able to have your own Facebook page (For your business and not the personal account), you will attract many clients. The goal is to charge them for viewing.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

#7 List your services on classified websites

Where do you go looking when in need of a room to rent? Most us go to OLX, Star, or Pigiame. All these are classified websites and they allow you to list your properties for free. The good thing about classified websites is that your advert has the potential of reaching thousands of people searching for houses, flats or apartments. If you get like 5 clients a day with each of them paying you Kshs 500 for viewing, then you will make a decent earning for a start.

#8 Advertise on your own website or blog

If you can have your own blog or website, the better. This way you will start as a business and gain more credibility. Once people build trust with you, venture into more real estate businesses like those for land leasing and selling.

#9 Charge a commission and make money

You will get paid by charging the clients a viewing fee. Be honest, show them real houses, and your name will spread. If you are a con, people will catch up and that will be your end!

Where do you get started?

As explained above, First you identify the properties and contact the owners or caretakers, then you list the properties on the internet (Social media, website, blog or classified websites) and lastly, earn a commission for showing properties to the clients.

Simple Guide: How to Start a Blog with WordPress and Make Money 2019

How much can you earn in a day?

Depending on your hard work and initiative, you can earn from Kshs 2500 per day in the beginning. The limit is dependent on you!

All the best as you start building your path to success in real estate. Get in touch if you want more help.