Jobs Vs Self-employment in Kenya

So many people, especially the youths are being very disappointed due to lack of jobs. The rate of unemployment in Kenya has increased over the years and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Young people are finding themselves jobless for are a long time despite their academic qualifications.

From that observation, it is obvious that something needs to be done. Either we rely on the government and other institutions to create the jobs or create them on our own.

This got me thinking about how we can actually create own jobs in Kenya.

What if we took initiative to employ ourselves and therefore open opportunities for others? There are so many legit ways in which people are making money online and offline in Kenya. It is high time we stopped focusing so much on our qualification deliberate on how we can make our lives and those of others better.

We need to start creating our own online small businesses whether in Nairobi or any other county. There are many opportunities to be exploited in Kenya and even outside especially on the internet.

Here is an example of a business opportunity that I have seen young people make money with!

Say for example you have enrolled for BRANCH which offers quick loans to your mobile phone in Kenya. You can use their affiliate program to make more money than you would make working in some jobs.

How it works.

As a registered user, you are given a code which you need to send to other people for them to join. Once a person joins and pays off their first loan, you get Kshs 300. What if you hustled hard and enrolled 15 people per day?  If 10 of them repay the loan, you get Kshs 90,000.

There are other such programs like TALA. If you join 3 of them, imagine how much you would make.

Tip: Don’t just send the code to people. Go out and show them how to install the app, guide them on how to get the loan, ADD VALUE.

The good thing about such programs is that it is not a scam; you are actually getting paid by helping people access quick loans.

But the problem is that most of the youths are spending so much time complaining and on their mobile phones. They don’t want to take charge of their life!


As Jack Ma says,” Opportunities are always found in areas or places where people complain”

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