The Power of the Smartphone

Have you ever thought what could be the easiest way to make you a millionaire in Kenya with a smartphone? The answer is here.

The smartphone has been dubbed as the remote control of the World. The device coupled with internet connect has become the most important single item in the universe.

Many people would rather not eat or drink than spend a day without a mobile phone. It has simply become an addiction.

A while back while listening to Gary Vee (One of the best speaker In the World), he talked about how sick he would feel if the phone got lost.

This is now true to the bigger part of the global population.

People are checking their smartphones everywhere; in the church, in the toilet, in the kitchen, in the middle of a meeting, and even during dates!

“If you are a doctor, find a way to take away a man’s smartphone and you will have business forever”

Everything in life is binary.  As such, there are two types of smartphone users, those who consume (the majority of buyers) and those who produce (Marketers, sellers, and entrepreneurship)

How you view the gadget and the apps on it can greatly determine how much money you are worth.

Those who have discovered the power of the smartphone and internet has ended up becoming millionaires and billionaires while those who only consume, continue to complain of how bad the economy is.

In this post, we will show you how you use the apps on your smartphone are if you used them for the right purpose. Whether you are a business owner, artist, or a student, you can make the best use of the smartphone and internet to become greatly successful.


Google is the king of the search engine. Most people don’t know if there exist other search engines. If you use Google products to your advantage you can become very successful. These products include but not limited to, AdWords, AdSense, Google Maps for Business, Search console and Google Analytics.


Facebook is the Grandmother of social media. It is most likely the most successful media company. As a business or Brand, one can use Facebook tools to grow. These tools are Facebook Ads, Videos, Events, and timeline.


Instagram has grown to become the leading visual social network. It is no doubt that it is one of the best marketing tools out there.

Other tools worth checking out and using include;

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp