Profitable Business to Start with less than Kshs 5000

Want to see the power of Kshs 5000?

You have probably seen or asked yourself any of the following questions and you most likely have not had an answer.

What kind of business can I start today with just 5000 Kenya Shillings?

Is there a way to make Kshs 10,000 per day in Kenya online using my phone or laptop?

What kind of business can I start in Kenya with no money?

How can I make money blogging in Kenya?

If you have asked yourself any of the above or related questions, we have good news for you. By following the following simple steps, you can start your own profitable business in less than two hours. All this will require less than 5000 Kenya Shillings.

The Power of Kshs 5000

Kshs 5000 is about 50 (Fifty) US Dollars ($50). This may seem like less money but if used wisely can take you far financially.

While many people might use it carelessly, others can use it to create great ventures.

So let us get started with the process t financial freedom!

Step 1: Find a topic you are knowledgeable and/or passionate about.

The first thing you need to do is find a topic you are passionate about, you have skills or both. This way you will be able to work through the business with ease. This could be travel, fashion, food, design, technology, news, gossip, sports etc.

Check out some of the best blogging industries.

Step 2: Buy a cool Domain Name for only Kshs 1490 from Madayer Hosts

Once you have decided on which topics to cover, you need to buy a domain name. Your domain name should be easy, unique and catchy. If you can’t find a good one, use your name as the brand.

Get a domain today for only Kshs 990 by using the coupon code KEDOMAIN

Step 3: Buy Hosting to Install WordPress (Self Hosted) for Kshs 1490

A hosting platform is where your domain will reside. All your website files will be stored on the hosting platform and made available for the internet users.

Go to Madayer Hosts and pick the Personal Hosting Plan which will be perfect for your blog.

Step 4: Install WordPress and WordPress theme

Now you need to install WordPress to your Domain to start creating your website. WordPress is a free Blogging platform (CMS) which is being used by millions of people worldwide.

You should be able to install WordPress on your own from the Cpanel. If not, contact us and we will do it for you for free.

You can also teach yourself on how to install WORDPRESS, THEME, and PLUGINS online whether on YouTube or Online.

You still have 2980 Kenya Shillings to spare.

Step 5: Start blogging with less than 5000 Kenya Shillings

Now that you have a blog set up and ready to go all you need is a strategy to create useful content and make Money.

Ideas, tips and frequently asked questions about blogging in Kenya

Question: Where do I find good blogging ideas?

Answer: You can find free and great blogging content on Quora, Medium, and Bilichi Kenya.  Read the questions and answer and then rewrite them using your own words.

Question: How often should I blog?

Answer: It doesn’t matter the number of blog posts you write per week. It is however recommended that you write about 3 articles per day. The main thing is to maintain consistency. That way you have a chance of making over 5000 Kenya Shillings per day.

Question: How do I make sure people will read my articles?

Answer: Write original content, add clear images, install useful plugins like Yoast SEO, write Search Engine Optimized Content (SEO), and be consistent.

Questions: What are some of the best tools in Blogging?

Answer: There are many tools you can use to grow your blog business and earn more money. Some of them include but not limited to; Google search console, google analytics, Yoast SEO plugin, sharing on forums and social media platforms, installing jetpack plugin and using a newsletter.

Step 6: Making money with your blog

Google Adsense: One of the sure ways to start making money with your blog is through Google Adsense.  Sign Up and install the provided code on your site to start monetizing it.

Write and EBook: Write an online digital book (eBook) and offer it for sale or for free in exchange for email addresses.

Affiliate Marketing: Once you get traffic, you can promote other people’s or company products to your readers and earn a commission for any sale. Some of the best affiliate programs include Booking com, Jumia Kenya, and ClickBank.

Sell your own products: If you have your own products, you can use the blog to promote them.

If you do the above you will be on the road to making good money within just a few months.

Al the best from Bilichi Team.