Tallest Structures in Kenya 2020

The real estate development in the world continues to change every day. Nations all over the world are investing in building iconic structures which portrays a picture of who they are to the rest of the World. This trend has led to a competition to build the tallest buildings in the world. Architects are spending a lot of time in research to come up with the next best and the tallest structure in the world.

Britam Tower - The Skyscraper Center

While other continents are way ahead, Africa is not left behind. Every now and then there is an announcement by major corporations and government departments about building the tallest structures in the continent.

Kenya, being one of the biggest economies in the region, has attracted investors who are in the race of dominating the real estate industry by developing the best properties.

Below is a list of the tallest buildings in Kenya and the World as of March 2018. They are other buildings under construction and in the next couple of months, this list could change.

10 Tallest buildings in Kenya 2020

#1 Britam Tower 

Britam Tower is currently the tallest building in Kenya with maximum height of 195 meters (640ft) with 32 floors. It is owned by Britam.

  • Height: 195 m
  • Year Built: 2017

Check out this timelapse:

#2 UAP Old Mutual Tower     

Height: 163 m

Year Built: 2015

#3 Times Tower

Height: 140 m

Year Built: 2000

#4 Le Mac

Height: 126 m

Year Built: 2016

#5 Teleposta Towers

Height: 120 m

Year Built: 2000


Height: 105 m

Year Built: 1974

#7 NSSF Building

Height: 103 m

Year Built: 1993

#8 Kenya Commercial Bank Plaza

Height: 100 m

Year Built: 2013

#9 I&M Bank Tower

Height: 99.1 m

Year Built: 2001

#10 Nyayo House

Height: 84 m

Year Built: 1982

List of tallest buildings in the World 2018

#1 Burj Khalifa 

City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Height: 828 m

Year Built: 2010

#2 Shanghai Tower 

City: Shanghai

Country: China

Height: 632 m

Year Built: 2015

#3 Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

City: Mecca

Country: Saudi Arabia

Height: 601 m

Year Built: 2012

#4 Ping An Finance Centre 

City: Shenzhen

Country: China

Height: 599 m

Year Built: 2017

#5 Lotte World Tower

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Height: 554.5 m

Year Built: 2016

#6 One World Trade Center

City: New York City

Country: United States

Height: 541.3 m

Year Built: 2014

#7 Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre   

City: Guangzhou

Country: China

Height: 530 m

Year Built: 2016

#7 Tianjin CTF Finance Centre           

City: Tianjin

Country: China

Height: 530 m

Year Built: 2017

#9 China Zun

City: Beijing

Country: China

Height: 528 m

Year Built: 2018

#10 Taipei 101 

City: Taipei

Country: Taiwan

Height: 508 m

Year Built: 2004