Top 10 Companies in Kenya by Market Valuation 2018 by Market Valuation

Kenya is the largest economy in Eastern Africa one of the most developed countries in Africa. This has been attributed to the high number of investors who are willing to commit their resources to Kenyan Companies. Both Local and International Brands have contributed to this growth by setting up base in major towns in the Country.

The growth of Innovation in Kenya

When it comes to innovation and technology, Nairobi is ranked as one of the best tech hubs in the World because of its rising number of tech startups and investments.

These startups have proved to solve serious problems affecting people in their day to day activities. One of the leading innovations in Kenya is mobile payment solution with Safaricom PLC leading with its Mpesa business segment.

Big Telecommunication and Financial companies in Kenya

Mpesa has seen Safaricom grow from being just another telecommunication company to one of the most profitable companies in Africa. The company changed its name from Safaricom Ltd to Safaricom PLC late January 2018. This is a reflection of a high growth and promising future.

Although telecom companies are growing fast, finance and manufacturing have not been left behind. These older companies have embraced the changes in technology and have incorporated innovation as part of their daily business.

One of the financial companies that have defied the odds to become very profitable is equity bank which is part of the Equity Bank Group. The company started as a small cooperative society in central Kenya and has now become a household name across Africa.

Future of companies in the Kenyan market

With the changes in technology and disruption in various industries, we are expecting to see more million dollar businesses being launched and scaled in Kenya

Below is a list of the most profitable businesses in Kenya by markets valuation as at 23rd February 2018. We expect changes in the near future with companies switching places or introduction of high growth newcomers.

List of 10 most profitable companies in Kenya in 2018

  • Safaricom  Plc – 1.18 Trillion
  • East African Breweries –  193 Billion
  • Equity Bank Group – 161 Billion
  • Kenya Commercial Bank Group –  140 Billion
  • Cooperative Bank-  101 Billion
  • Kenya Airways – 92 Billion
  • British American Tobacco-  77 Billion
  • Stanchart – 72 Billion
  • Bamburi Cement – 64 Billion
  • Barclays Bank – 59 Billion