Is there a way to make money illegally in Kenya?

Yes! there are definitely many illegal ways in which Kenyans make quick cash.

Almost every day we read in the news how some Kenyan officials stole in billions of shillings or the occasional bank robbery or scam where a few people become millionaires overnight.

Let’s admit it, there is that short moment where we fantasize about what we could do with such a huge amount if only we were able to lay our hands on them.

We get excited when we turn on the TV or buy a newspaper and see the following headlines;

Recent “Money Heist” in Kenya Headlines

  • “Gone in just 10 minutes: How gunmen stole Sh42m”
  • “Four armed robbers walked into the Habib Bank in Mombasa and ran off into a waiting car”
  • “How Kenyan bank robbers walked away with Sh96 million mafia-style”
  • “Thieves dig a tunnel under Kenyan bank, make away with over Kshs 50 Million”
  • “Thugs steal Kshs.72 million from Standard Chartered Bank in Nairobi”

Disclaimer:  This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not try any of the ways unless you want to get in trouble with the authorities. Think of it as a movie you watch on the 15th of the month when you are dead broke. It leaves you wishing you can meet the robbers on the streets and worrying that the officers chasing them are going to catch up, throw you a bundle of thousands!

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Okay let’s assume you need to make a fortune overnight and you are dead broke, don’t have any skills, no product or service to sell and you are just not ready to hustle.

What are your options?

Without going into details on how to get started or how to execute,

Top ten illegal ways to make quick money in Kenya.

  • Sell Fake Gold or other precious stones
  • Print and Use Illegal or fake Money
  • Poaching Rhino Horns and Elephant Tusks
  • Scam people through text messages
  • Printing Fake Academic certificates
  • Rob a loaded bank
  • Sell weed and hard drugs
  • Human trafficking
  • Sell Counterfeit or Pirated Products
  • Kidnap and ask for a ramson
  • Scam and steal from gullible victims with getting rich quick scam
  • Steal and Sell People’s personal data

List of Better ways of making money in Kenya Legally

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. (Please share the best ways to make money in Kenya legally)