List of Top Ten Best Local Tour and Travel Companies in Kenya

There are many local tours and travel companies in Kenya. It is therefore entirely difficult to come up with a list of only Ten. If you searched the term “Tour & Travel Kenya” on Facebook today, you will get thousands of results.

You will get tours ranging from hiking activities in Kenya, trekking and nature walk, zip lining, game drives in National Parks, climbing Mount Kenya tours, Road trips in East Africa, cycling to sky-diving in Kenya.

Many Kenyans have ventured into the business both for local and international packages since the capital required to get started is minimal.

The industry got disrupted a few years ago and the early adopters of technology like Bonfire adventures reaped big and continue to get a lot of customers.

However, with the increased number of “Tour Companies”, it is quite hard for tourists, adventurers, and travelers to decide on a good company for local tours and travels.

How to Choose a Genuine Local Tour Company in Kenya

It is easy to get deceived by the number of Facebook likes, fake reviews, website design and Instagram pictures.

Below is a list of ways on how to find the best tour and travel group or company in Kenya.

  • Look for comments on their websites for previous tours
  • Check what other people say about them on trip advisor and other forums
  • Go through a few comments on their social platforms relating to a previous similar tour
  • Check how long they have been in operation
  • Research a bit on their founders and team leaders
  • Check if the company is registered with KATO and government of Kenya
  • A good company should have an online platform (Website, Social accounts, contact and about page) which is constantly updated. Check for that.

Based on the above factors we have compiled a list of top ten best local tour and travel companies in Kenya. All the companies are locally based and offer local tours, mostly.

Top 10 local Tours & Travel companies in Nairobi, Kenya

1. Bucketlist adventures

“The Bucketlist club is a community of explorers committed to making their dream trips and adventures a reality. It starts with a genuine commitment to travel the world.” – Bucketlist

2. Turnup Travel

“Conceptualized in 2016. Hatched in January 2017. We organize unique tours, design bespoke experiences and produce great tourism content. We started in Kenya because charity begins at home but we have a Pan African vision and global mindset. We’re citizens of the world. Here’s how Turnup. Travel is changing the way Kenyans travel and creating the travel experience of the future” – Turn Up

3. Bountiful Safaris & Tours

“At Bountiful Safaris & Tours, you are assured of experiencing the African adventure in the finest way possible” – Bountiful

4. Bigfoot Adventures

“We rock at finding the best holiday properties and package them with tours to great wildlife parks where you can experience everything from the Great Migration to the cool sea breeze of the South Coast – We are Bigfoot Adventures.” – Bigfoot

5. East Africa Luxury Travel and Events

“Travel is all about cultivating new experiences – memorable ones that stay with you long after your trip.” – E.A Luxury Travel

6. Trippy Go Tours and Travel

“You will appreciate that having escorted most of the groups and conducted entire tours under our personal supervision ……” – TrippyGo

7. Hikemaniak

“We believe if it’s not fun it’s not living. Through our activities, we create experiences in an environment of fun helping in jellying human interactions.” – Hikemaniak

8. Active Motion Kenya

“Strong and healthy communities do not build themselves. They are the direct result of a myriad of efforts to promote active living. Join us in our events and help us create strong and active populations through fun related activities.” – Active Motion

9. Bonfire adventures & Safaris

“Bonfire Adventures & Events Limited is a well-established tour, travel and Events Company with over 10 years’ experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists from all over the world. ”

10. Xtreme Adventures & Safaris

“We pride ourselves on identifying, creating, communicating general or tailor-made excursions that are not compromised by price. Camping, Off-road Cycling, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Day Hikes, Mountain Expeditions Game Park Safaris, Team Building, and Overland Services.” – Xtreme

If you are looking for both local and International experience, the list below might work for you.

List of Best Tour Operators & Travel Companies in Kenya – International

  • Hallmark Travel Planners
  • GoExplore Safaris
  • Intrepid Travel
  • G Adventures
  • Absolute Africa
  • World Expeditions
  • Wildebeest Safaris Limited
  • Shadows of Africa
  • Somak Safaris
  • Mara Expeditions Safari

What are your favorite local tours and travel companies in Kenya? Leave a comment below.

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