There are many security services companies in Kenya. These companies bridge the gap between the security offered by the government forces and the need for private security in the informal sector.

Security services companies in Kenya have a wide scope of operations beyond “Security”. They offer specialized solutions which include; Cash solutions, Logistics, Risk & Disaster Management, Facility management, and training.

It is without a doubt that these companies are some of the major employers in the country. They employ many youths especially as security guards and the cleaning sector.

Below are the top 20 Security Services companies in Kenya

  1. KK Security Services
  2. Radar Security Limited
  3. Securex Security
  4. Hatari Security Services
  5. SGA Security
  6. Ultimate Security Ltd
  7. G4S Security Services
  8. Lavington Security Ltd
  9. Riley Services Ltd
  10. Brinks Security Services Ltd
  11. Jeff Hamilton Security Services
  12. Pro-Alarms Security Ltd
  13. Dew Security Services Ltd
  14. Daf Security Guards Ltd
  15. Mars Security Ltd
  16. Race Guards Ltd
  17. Apex Security Services
  18. Dynasty Security Services Ltd
  19. Cobra Security Ltd
  20. Citadelle Security Ltd
  21. Coalition Security Services Ltd.
  22. Searite Security Ltd

KK Security 

KK Security is the top and perhaps the most popular security company in Kenya and has over 50-years of history operating in East Africa. In 2016, it was acquired by Garda World.

Below are their services:

  • Security officers
  • Mobile response
  • Executive services
  • Remote Site Security 
  • Events Security 
  • Infrastructure security 
  • Loss Prevention
kk security - top security company kenya

You can read more about KK Security on their website here.

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