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Small Business web design in Nairobi, Kenya

Bilichi has the best small business website designers in Kenya. Our team is dedicated and skilled enough to deliver the best results for our clients. The main goal is to provide you with affordable website design services that will enable your small business to scale to higher levels. We offer exemplary high-quality services will ensure that our clients’ small beginnings have great endings, thus allowing them to achieve their mid and long-term dreams.

The importance of Small Business Web Design

A Small business website is important in the current times. Most of the potential customers are looking for similar products online. If you have a website, it will be easy for them to access your products and services anywhere in the world with just a click.

Also, websites normally make it easier for business to carry out payment transactions online. Our services help you in setting up an online payment option.

Who we design websites for

Affordable responsive website design is easily available to our customers, our low cost and high-quality website design services are set up in such ways as to build a foundation for all types of small businesses. These small businesses include but not limited to;

  • Retailers and Wholesale businesses
  • Construction businesses
  • Financial professionals
  • Bars, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs
  • Transportation service companies
  • Small hospitality businesses
  • Photography professionals
  • Real estate businesses
  • Medical offices
  • Small manufacturing businesses
  • Franchises and affiliated companies.
  • Other forms of small businesses like beauty parlors, auto repair, and credit and loan institution.

The number one purpose for small business web design for small businesses in Kenya is to make sure that your products and services are presented in the best way possible to potential consumers in your target market.

Why choose Bilichi for your small business website design in Kenya

Our design services include responsive website design, computer graphic design, web page content writing, generation and presentation; social media account creation, logo design services and business consultation follow-up. Some of the benefits of having a website for your small businesses are;

  • Lead generation from your online presence. This will drive a lot of potential clients to your small business.
  • Marketing and lead conversion: a website will allow you to strategically market your products and services to a large audience who will convert to clients hence making sales.
  • Accessibility: Visitors are able to get information about similar products from your articles.
  • Feedback: With a website, you are able to get feedback from your website visitors which will end up helping you on how to improve your products or services.

Our web design for small businesses services will help renew and give life to your business. They are affordable web design services to help realize your goals.

Contact us today and receive our low-cost web designing services which will give you a competitive advantage on them in the market.


Ideation and discussion

Discussing the client’s requirements enable us to choose the best strategy that satisfies our customers’ needs. We conduct study and analysis of the website and tackle issues concerning wireframe document, cost and budget, time frame and the client’s business requirements to ensure that the service provided is suitable and functional.

Planning and Benchmarking

At Bilichi, we have cutting-edge development technology that generates a list of modules and tables which are used in software architecture. Our appropriate planning strategy helps us to design specific software for businesses through database architecture and identify the strong and weak points of your online marketing website via web benchmarking.

Design and coding

Our highly trained designers and developers get to work on properly coding your site.  Codes are important for they dictate how your web pages appear in the search engines query. A proper SEO and designed website improve a business advertisement potential. At Bilichi we provide the best for our clients.

Testing and Launch

We have the best web designers in Kenya who work together to test your website’s functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and security. The Bilichi team designs and develops websites that monetize your products by launching your website and making it accessible in the social media market and other online advertising platforms.


We provide daily or occasional website updates according to our client’s preference. Also, we ensure your website servers are in optimal state and always responsive to prevent lagging when moving from one web page to another. Our maintenance plans are affordable and reliable for catering for any e-business.

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